Gazebo Simulator

Gazebo is an open-source 3D robotics simulator. Gazebo was a component in the Player Project from 2004 through 2011. Gazebo integrated the ODE physics engine, OpenGL rendering, and support code for sensor simulation and actuator control. In 2011, Gazebo became an independent project supported by Willow Garage. In 2012, Open Source Robotics Foundation (OSRF) became the steward of the Gazebo project. OSRF changed its name to Open Robotics in 2018.


Purdue UAS Research and Test Facility (PURT)

The Purdue UAS Research and Test facility houses the largest indoor motion-capture environment in the world with an area of 20,000 sq ft and a ceiling 30 ft high. The motion-capture system provides ground truth data for algorithm development and enables virtual and augmented reality. The UAS Research and Test facility also houses our competition field built out of EverBlocks and is meant to resemble Purdue's campus.


PX4 Vision Autonomy Development Kit

The kit contains a near-ready-to-fly carbon-fiber quadcopter equipped with a Pixhawk 4 flight controller, a UP Core companion computer (4GB memory & 64GB eMMC), and a Occipital Structure Core depth camera sensor.